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Citi dial is an online search engine and local business listing web portal to provide quick and quality information to the users and connect business with the people.

The official website of our company” “will be going to be live in internet from July 2016.citidial’s search services will be available to users across multiple platforms like internet, mobile internet and over phone. Citi dial’s search service creates connection between the people and business by providing the required information about the providers of products and services quickly while helping businesses listed in Citi dial’s database to market their offerings.

Citi dial search gives the results according to the selected category and the city or location by the user .The result displayed at the centre of search result page in the form of a list of ten in each page from one to ten means the top ten businesses or service providers of a category in a selected location. This search engine will contain most of the categories required for all the people; here we providing the most common categories.

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